National Safe Community Accrediting Center
Safe Communities America, Inc. is the
non-profit, coordinating and accrediting
organization for Safe Communities in
the United States.


The international Safe Communities program requires that each nation or internationally recognized region have an accrediting center.  The United States is part of the Pan-Pacific Safe Communities Network (PPSCN).  PPSCN recognizes Safe Communities America, Inc. as the oversight body and official network for Safe Communities in the United States and recognizes the Kentucky Injury Prevention and Research Center (KIPRC)  as the National Safe Community Accrediting Center for the US.  The board of directors of Safe Communities America, Inc. makes the determination as to whether a community meets national and international accreditation criteria, while KIPRC handles the technical and logistical details associated with accreditation. 

According to the PPSCN, "National Safe Communities Accrediting Centers are the peak body for safe communities in their country.  They are the visible champion in community-based injury / violence prevention and safety promotion, building local partnerships and collaborative relationships.  They insure that communities adhere to the PPSCN international standards.  There is only one accrediting center per country."

The National Safety Council (NSC) served as the US accrediting center for several years.  In 2018, the NSC announced that it was withdrawing from this role and sought another organization to take on the responsibility of serving as the National Safe Communities Accrediting Center for the US.  Discussions between the existing, accredited Safe Communities led to the creation of Safe Communities America, Inc. as an independent, non-profit, governing body and network for Safe Communities in the US.  KIPRC, which already served as the only Safe Communities Support Center in North America, agreed to take on the role of the National Accrediting Center.  

As the National Accrediting Center, KIPRC manages the application process, arranges for application review and site visits, provides the Safe Communities America, Inc. board with copies of applications and reviewer recommendations, and implements the decisions of the board with regard to accreditation.  When a community is approved for accreditation or reaccreditation, KIPRC issues accreditation documents and coordinates with the accredited community to arrange for a formal accreditation ceremony.

If a community appears to be failing to comply with the accreditation guidelines, the National Accrediting Center is responsible for reviewing the situation and, if necessary, working with the Safe Community to develop a plan for remedying the issue.  If the community cannot or will not adhere to the accreditation guidelines, the SCA board of directors will determine whether to withdraw accreditation from that community.